Enjoy Proudly

HUXTON exists to compliment your lifestyle. Your experience is our series. Your occasion is our specialty. Live the life you’d like to lead and Enjoy Proudly. Welcome to the tribe.

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Restore your vitality

Specifically crafted to put an extra spring in your step and keep you moving and effective. Rise is a live, bright and energetic experience. We like to think of it as a perfect companion for that cup of coffee. Or tea.


Set yourself free

Uniquely designed to breathe life into the experience. In the Hi-Fi series you will find a careful selection of our highest energy genetics. Turn the dial to the right, own your ways and celebrate.


Find your peace

Customized to take the edge off, Zen is an island of calm in a hectic world. Designed specifically to help you detach from the stresses and worries of your day, this series delivers our most relaxing experience yet.

Our Process

We are committed to providing innovative products that are thoughtful, consistent and effective. Purchasing cannabis should be simple, and we think you should be able to select products based on a desired experience.

All of HUXTON’s flower is cultivated naturally. Our single-strain products are small batch, top canopy, hand trimmed and slow cured to maximize flavor profiles.

Our vape pens use a signature process unlike any other to create a craft feel. We use 100 percent flower, and that flower comes direct from plant to press.


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